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Terms of Service:

By approaching INFOBiZZ Solution, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions made by us. With the use or access of our Website you accept and agree to these Terms & Conditions. In case, if you deny our terms of use and disclaimer. In that case avoid accessing INFOBiZZ Solution website. Kindly carefully go through our terms as it may strike your rights. Moreover, INFOBiZZ Solution have the authority to change or replace the services available on our website.

Changes in Term of Use:

INFOBiZZ Solution have the right to make changes in any of our services or offers at any time, without prior notice. Your continuous use of our website and services means you agree to our changed terms. We don’t notify you for the changes in our services or terms. We want you to take a look at our terms & conditions  before accessing our website.


INFOBiZZ Solution does not take any guarantee any result, completeness, accuracy, reliability, merchantability of the services available on this website. You hereby agree that no business, investing, legal and/or other professional guidance is provided on our platform. That there is no professional arrangement between you and us or any third party.


INFOBiZZ Solution contains the copyright of everything present on our website and also on to the client services. i.e design, images or all other materials.

Privacy Policy:

INFOBiZZ Solution, takes care of the privacy of our valuable clients, visitors and all browsers. This policy is to inform you about the details or cookies we gather from you. We would like to share some details about it:

  • INFOBiZZ Solution gather your information  as lawful and fair purpose to share our latest services and deals. We make sure for unauthorize access of it.
  • INFOBiZZ  may store  some details in form of a cookie on your system while visiting our site. These are small part of data saved on your system. Our intent is not to spy, so you can accept them.