Google Optimization

Google Page Site Ranking :

Google Optimization mainly refers to optimise a website according to Google Algorithms. Google have a list of algorithms for search engine. Which are updated time to time. So everyone needs to optimize their website as per Google. If we need more traffic and topmost rank on search engine.

So, we at INFOBiZZ Solution are following several procedures for optimization:

  • Title Of The Page: Title tag of the page in search engine to display your website in SERPs. Title tag inform all about your page. We need to make it short and as per our keyword. As Google shows limited words in these tags.
  • Relevant Keywords: We need to mainly focus on our keyword. We need to think what your brand is all about. We also takes care about number of keywords in content. As Google ignores keyword-stuffing.
  • ALT Tags: Adding description words to images and video in your website is called as ALT tags. These ALT tags allow search engine to find your website pages by using your keywords. Which helps to increase your ranking.
  • Design As Per Mobile: In current time more than 70% of the traffic to website is coming through mobiles. So we need to design our website as per mobiles.
  • Sitemaps of Website: A sitemap of website tells everything clearly about your website. It helps search engine to find pages on your site quickly.
  • Regular Content Updating: To keep your position on Google 1st page you need to update your content regularly. So we need to keep content fresh.
  • Quality Back-links : Back-links are the main things to make your site visible on search engine. More quality links means higher your website ranking.
  • Analyse Website Progress: We need to analyse our website progress regularly to find any errors. With best team we work on these errors to remove them.

Therefore, At INFOBiZZ Solution we have expert team to Optimise your website to make your Brand Visible to your audience.